Natural and Stylish Pallet Dining Table Ideas

If you are a fan of eco-friendly material, you must have been familiar with pallet dining table. Pallet is flat and long woods that usually used by company to protect transported goods. Yes, it is still made of woods. But since it is a used material, making furniture from pallet is more environmental friendly than using fresh woods.

Pallet also comes with ready flat and long shape, which makes it very easy to use as DIY materials. You only need to cut it according to your needs and it is ready to be made into any furniture you want, especially dining table. Moreover, pallet is very cheap. You can find them being auctioned, and if you are lucky, someone might just think it is a trash and throw it away. But as a fan of DIY furniture, you know that other people’s trash can be your most valuable goods, right?

Making a dining table from pallet will be very interesting. With the right design in mind, you can turn cheap woods into beautiful dining table. You can paint it with any colors you like, you can make a dining table in any shapes you want. Moreover, if you are a fan of rustic design, pallet will be your most favorite material.

Pallet Dining Table Ideas Pallet Dining Table Wooden Pallet Dining Table



Pallet Dining Table DIY

It is very easy to alter and design pallet. You can paint and polish the table, or just let the natural color shows. It will be more beautiful if you make pallet chairs and benches with similar designs. But if you don’t, it’s okay. The best thing about pallet is it goes well with any kind of design and furniture. So, it doesn’t matter if you use wooden chair, metal or plastic, they will be suitable with your pallet dining table DIY.

Pallet Dining Room Table DIY Pallet Dining Table DIY Ideas Pallet Dining Table DIY


Pallet Outdoor Dining Table

Pallet dining table is perfect to be put outdoor. The natural wooden style will blend perfectly with the green grass and fresh air outside. To make a pallet outdoor dining table, it is best to go simple. Don’t use too much color and let the original nuance of the pallet shows. Instead of using ordinary chairs, make pallet benches and put cushion on top to make it comfortable. Your outdoor dining experience will be perfect with this arrangement.

Pallet Outdoor Dining Table Designs Pallet Outdoor Dining Table Ideas Pallet Outdoor Dining Table


Pallet Dining Table and Chairs

It will be nice to see matching pallet dining table and chairs. To accompany your pallet table, you can make pallet chairs, stools and benches. Different kind of seating will make the atmosphere more homey and friendly. If you prefer to use it for formal dining, choose darker colors with carved handle for the chairs. Don’t forget to layer it with cushions to make the guests more comfortable. Cushions can definitely upscale the looks of your pallet chairs.

Pallet Dining Table and Chairs Designs Pallet Dining Table and Chairs Ideas Pallet Dining Table and Chairs Pics


Pallet Dining Table Design

Pallet is very suitable for rustic and vintage design. But, if you do it well, you can incorporate in any kind of style. Paint it white and give metal table legs if you want your table to look more modern. Don’t forget to layer it with glass to keep it clean and protected from food stain all the time. You can choose darker colors if you want vintage aura to spruce from your pallet dining table design.

Pallet Dining Table Design Designs Pallet Dining Table Design Ideas Pallet Dining Table Design Pics


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