Mesmerizing Shabby Chic Bedroom Design Ideas

Have you ever thought on decorating your bedroom by applying shabby chic bedroom design ideas? Many people have asked, “What is shabby chic?” Most people might think that from the word “shabby” this is not a decoration but a condition of a bedroom. But it is not; you can decorate it this way to add vintage atmosphere like in Victorian era.

Give your bedroom a great taste of Victorian era by applying this shabby chic décor. You might be wondering that this kind of design idea might bring scary or creepy feelings to the kids if you apply shabby chic living room ideas. But worry not, you can apply this idea only to your bedroom.

This kind of design is known to be expensive because the materials are not cheap; also you need to consider how the design will enhance the furniture. You might also need to purchase shabby chic bedroom furniture. The furniture, the bed cot, and the decorations that can enhance the elegance in your bedroom and also it makes vintage atmosphere. That’s why it has to be considered and to be purchased if you want this atmosphere to be in your bedroom.

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Elegant Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture Ideas        

Like what has mentioned above, the furniture of this design needs to look elegant, but also it can create vintage atmosphere that will bring you back to the Victorian Era. The furniture must be one of the shabby chic home décor that can be placed in any room like chandeliers, reading chairs and tables.

You might want to add other furniture that also is chic but it has different design like country chic décor to make variety.

Calming Grey Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

 Choosing grey color as a theme would be great for your bedroom. What does grey mean? It means that the wall painting must be grey. The furniture and the bed must enrich the grey color. While the wall is grey, the bed and furniture should be white. This will give calm sensation to your bedroom.

Mild Blue Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

 There are many themes you can use to create different atmospheres of shabby chic bedrooms. The other one but same application than grey is blue. This design is known to be elegant, that’s why you should choose mild blue colors for the wall.

Girly Pink Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

 This time the wall will be pink colored. This kind of color will be suited for your daughter or niece. Choose mild yet vibrant color of pink to be the wall painting. Also, give the furniture a little nice touch of girly design to give your daughter or niece the feeling of a princess.

Creamy Shabby Chic Master Bedroom Ideas          

 A master bedroom is known to be bigger than the other room. That’s why you should purchase a double bed with vintage look with creamy colors like beige and cream white. Also, put chandelier on the ceiling to give more romantic sensation.

Romantic Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas for Adults     

 This kind of theme is usually being liked by adults, in other case; parents. You can apply the grey theme for this. Also, purchase white double beds, white reading chair, and vintage vanity to create a romantic and vintage sensation, yet has simple design. You can also purchase white and shiny chandelier and put it on the ceilings.


Princess-like Shabby Chic Girl Bedroom Ideas  

 If it comes to girl and shabby chic, the only conclusion is to give princess-room-like to the bedroom.. paint the wall pink and add framed colorful pictures. Purchase white lamp table and put a vase of white roses on it. For the bed you can purchase a bed with curtain and pink soft sheet.

Best Shabby Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas    

 Shabby chic decorating for bedrooms must be pretty to be looked at. This is why a pot of artificial flowers would be best to be put on the tables. Not only that, you can also purchase frames with vintage look and put small painting inside. A vintage-looked mirror is good too.

Modern Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas  

 If you want your shabby chic bedroom to look vintage but also have a little bit of modern design, then you need to consider the decorations. The best decoration is the vintage bed cot while the others can be replaced. Vintage-framed-mirror is the best shabby chic wall décor; keep it on your wall to enhance the bed cot.

Among these shabby chic bedroom design ideas, which one do you think is the best one for you and your family?


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