Let’s Explore the Wood Wall Paneling Ideas!

Wood wall is very popular nowadays therefore there are many exploration of wood wall paneling ideas. We can find many building with wood wall paneling such as café, office, and house. Wood wall is identical with modern style but still in rustic impression. It uses wood as the base of the wall. Because this kind of wall is trending, there are many designers develops many ideas in creating wood paneling walls.

Exploring the wood paneling ideas can be the good thing for the owner of the building. You can develop your own ideas of wood wall or you may ask the interior designer for the best instruction. Actually, the wood panel walls are not always identical with brown-wood painting. You can explore more! You may change the paint color into whatever you want according the theme of your interior. Don’t worry, it is still going to be elegant. Furthermore, the ideas can be applied in every room in your building. Let’s talk further about it!

Wall Paneling Ideas for Basement

Almost every building has basement as a special room. It can be functioned as gaming room or chilling room. The interior wall paneling in this room can be created from wood paneling. Because it is in a basement which mostly functioned as chilling room, the uniqueness of the wood is stand out. You can just show the wood base without giving another color of it so that the authenticity can be seen clearly.

Bathroom Wall Paneling Ideas

For the bathroom, the wood paneling walls may not fill all the wall of the bathroom. You can just make use one or two side of the walls as the wood paneling walls. Therefore, the combination of the original wall and wood paneling makes it looks more elegant.

Wall Paneling Ideas Living Room

The interior wall paneling which wood-based can be supported with other furniture with more likely the same color category as the wood wall. You can add a lot of painting or photograph on it since it is a living room. Make sure that the furniture supports the concept of your wood panel walls.

Rustic Wall Paneling Ideas

The difference between wood paneling walls and rustic wall paneling is the color. Rustic wall has darker color and older wood than the wood paneling walls. The rustic wall creates less elegant impression than wood paneling walls. You can choose rustic wall for the chimney at the basement or outdoor in the terrace.

Modern Wall Paneling Ideas

Modern wall paneling ideas is suitable in any room. It is one of the exploration of wood paneling ideas. The modern wood paneling does not show the exact wood but it has already combined with modern concept so that it looks very elegant.

3D Wall Paneling Ideas

The ideas of 3D wall paneling shows the texture of the wall that can be touched and felt. It is one of the modern wood paneling although not all 3D wall paneling is wood-based. It is commonly used in bedroom or living room. This kind of wall is suitable for you who likes 3D thing.

Half Paneling Ideas

Half paneling ideas is the most common design that can be found in many houses. This paneling ideas have applied by many house owner. This type of paneling makes the house looks simple but modern. The half paneling ideas can be applied in every room at the house but you can use different base such as wood or just a wall.

You can choose many wall paneling ideas for the best design of your own building. First of all, make sure that you have already had the concept of the room and then you can explore the wood walls paneling ideas.




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