Ideas of DIY Jewelry Box That is Easy To Make

Most women need their own jewelry box, it is impossible to put the jewelries in an open space, are you in need of DIY jewelry box right now? Making the DIY jewelry box is actually not that hard, it is inexpensive as well rather than buying it from the market. You can use various materials available such as woods, cardboard, plastic, or even book! Look for fresh inspirations on DIY website or you may try our several ideas below. Make the design not so boring so you will not forget to use those jewelries. For example, make the neck to chest shape for putting down necklaces or the arm shape for putting down bracelets.

This time, we will discuss several ideas of making jewelry box that you can turn to account, the first one is jewelry organizer which you put on the wall, second is organizer from framed mirror, third is box wood as the most common one, and fourth is organizer from cork board. Pick the one that meets your preferences perfectly and you can even add your personal touch to one particular idea. The best thing about realizing this kind os idea is no one will have the same authentic thing as the one you possess. Well, check these ideas out directly and try them immediately.

DIY Jewelry Box Gift DIY Jewelry Box Ideas DIY-Jewelry-Box


DIY Jewelry Organizer Wall

Making the jewelry organizer wall is not hard at all. You just need some blank space in your bedroom, the beautiful hooks, and it’s done! As the background, you may go with your favorite posters or favorite piece with favorite color. Stick the set of hooks into the background and hang your accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Organize them according to the style, for example differ bohemian style with glamorous style.

DIY Jewelry Organizer Wall Designs DIY Jewelry Organizer Wall Ideas DIY Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer


DIY Jewelry Organizer from Framed Mirror

Got an unused framed mirror? Do not throw that item out, make it the frame for your jewelries beautifully. You can remove the mirror or leave it be, it is all up to you. Make the hook from nails or other materials at each side of mirror then hang the rope or ribbon. Hang your accessories on that particular rope and organize the levels neatly. Make sure that the rope is strong enough to retain the wight of your accessories.

DIY Jewelry Organizer from Framed Mirror Designs DIY Jewelry Organizer from Framed Mirror Ideas DIY Jewelry Organizer from Framed Mirror Pictures


DIY Jewelry Box Wood

DIY jewelry box wood is the most common one. Making this one needs extra skill of carpentry and be careful with your tools. Measure the dimension of the components with extra care and assemble it afterward. You can make one level or more to categorize your accessories. The other alternative is to segmented the space into tiny boxes then put you accessories category neatly in each box. You can add a mirror to check your appearance every time.

DIY Jewelry Box Wood Designs DIY Jewelry Box Wood Ideas DIY Wooden Jewelry Box


DIY Jewelry Organizer Cork Board

The DIY jewelry organizer cork board is a fun and neat idea to put your accessories together. What to be amazed is this creation will look like a 3D painting but it is actually not. provide one or more photo frame(s) and put it directly into the wall. This will function as the boundaries. After that, hammer some nails inside the frame to put your accessories. The key to look neat is by putting the nails neatly as well.

DIY Jewelry Organizer Cork board Designs DIY Jewelry Organizer Cork board Ideas DIY Jewelry Organizer Cork board Pictures


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