How to Build Kinds of DIY Water Fountain

Water fountain is one of features that can be built at home to make it something that brings beauty and also tranquility. The sound of flowing water from the fountain will bring the atmosphere of the nature. It will increasingly make the surrounding area feels more natural and fresh with the flowing clear water. Many people build diy water fountain either outdoor or indoor in order to create the serenity. When stress of life comes, sit down calmly beside the fountain will make them feel calmer and reduce the stress.

Building a water fountain seems to be something difficult that only can be made by experts. Actually, it is just a simple project when you want to start building a diy water fountain. Firstly, you should decide what kind of water fountain that is going to build; indoor, outdoor, cat water fountain, or a water fountain with solar power. Each of the type needs unique preparation and plans. Make sure that you have a proper location to build the water fountain. Prepare the area; in the middle of a garden or another best area for the home feature. If you are going to build an interesting spot at home with a water fountain in the midst, some ideas below may help to start the project by yourself.

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How to Build DIY Indoor Water Fountain

  • Prepare a large container to place the pump on the bottom level. It also should be wide to bend the tubing and pump upward length ways with the rocks around the container.
  • Obtain rocks in various sizes and colors so it covers the pump and up in some inches.
  • Choose the best spot that closes to the power source and stable enough for the diy indoor water fountain.
  • Set the pump in the middle with a tube closed by rocks. Place larger rocks at the bottom to make it sturdy.

DIY Indoor Wall Water Fountain DIY Indoor Water Fountain Ideas DIY Small Indoor Water Fountain


How to Build DIY Outdoor Water Fountain

Almost similar to the steps of building an indoor water fountain, you also need to prepare a large and wide enough container first. Make sure that the container is watertight and quite beautiful to be a centerpiece in your backyard or garden. Attach a plastic tube where the water will go out to make fountain. Use a plastic netting on the tube opening and on the top of the container to prevent large debris to be sucked and damage the pump of the diy outdoor water fountain.

DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas DIY Outdoor Water Fountain DIY Outdoor Water Wall Fountain


How to Build DIY Solar Water Fountain

  • Prepare the pump in accurate size for the solar water fountain.
  • Find to know all requirements to build the diy solar water fountain such as power need, the standard outlet run off by fountains is 60 Hz AC.
  • Buy a proper solar panel that could produce plenty electricity for the water fountain operation.
  • Assemble the pump to the water fountain and then connect it to the solar power source.
  • Make sure the right position of the fountain and solar panel to make them works well.

DIY Solar Water Fountain Ideas DIY Solar Water Fountain Pictures DIY Solar Water Fountain


How to Make DIY Cat Water Fountain

  • To build a diy cat water fountain, you should make sure that the fountain will not splash the water out so the cat will not get wet.
  • Firstly, you can use a fish bowl that is filled by colorful glass beads.
  • Remove the hangar of the pump and insert a suction cup in every hole on the pump’s back. Seal another hole with waterproof caulk if you only have one cup.
  • Set the pump on one of the fish bowl’s side.
  • Fill the bowl with water. The deep bowl will not splash the water but circulate it inside without reaching the top.

DIY Cat Water Fountain Ideas DIY Cat Water Fountain Pics DIY Cat Water Fountain


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