Herb Garden Ideas: Tips for Your Herb Garden

Herb garden ideas are probably something you need right now. It is a great idea to have your own herb plants supply for your cooking or other purpose. The other purpose of herb plants is for ornamental on the meal. And there are several kinds of herb that mostly used by chef or cooking lover for ornament due to its ability to make the meal taste better and look more beautiful. But of course there are also several kinds of herb which can only grow up in certain climate and environment. Other than that, it takes different period to grow each type of herb.

In this article we are going to talk about several types of herb garden. And hopefully it can help to meet your desire related with having your own garden of herbs. Other than that, certain weather can lead to bad quality of herbs. Some herbs even cannot grow in certain weather like at all. For example, winter is kind of making the herbs like out of production. And in this article we are going to talk about that. Check this out.

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Herb garden ideas: Small garden ideas

Small garden ideas will be very suitable for you who only have limited space in home. You can take advantage from your balcony for the garden due to the light capacity in this space will be more varies than other space. Patio can be the other consideration to start small garden for herbs. Balcony and patio will allow you to make vertical garden in your house. The key of starting a garden is enough light. And if the space is very limited, you can do the garden thing in containers and put them near the kitchen.

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Herb garden ideas: Indoor herb garden ideas

Since the herbs are not the massive plant like pine and others, you can try this one of herb garden ideas for indoor. Still, the main key is enough intensity of light. As long as it gets good light, your herbs will grow normally even though it is winter. You can use any spot in your home as the place of indoor herb garden ideas. If it is needed, you probably should install solar panel in order to provide enough light for the plants. And do not forget to give enough water with proper drainage to allow them grow up in best quality as well.

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Herb garden ideas: Outdoor herb garden ideas

And if you have extra space in your house that can be utilized as a garden for herb, it is the right time for you to try outdoor herb garden ideas. Just make sure that you have right varieties of herbs to be planted since they grow up based on the environment, land, and climate. Other than that, it is better to start not from the seeds. Herbs are different than regular plants so you cannot water them like you water your rose. It is better if you look carefully about how to take care of herb before apply the herb garden ideas.

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