DIY Wind Chimes Ideas to Create Beautiful Decoration

For those who are bored and wish to get a new hobby, you could try making DIY wind chimes. Not only that it will prove to be a good way to spend your free time, but you will get a lot in return. Wind chimes is a popular decoration that is used in many houses around the world, its chilling and relaxing sound ease our heart and makes it easier for people to relax. Fortunately, making wind chime is easy, it can also be placed wherever you want around the house and prove to be also useful in every seasons.

There are many types of wind chimes out there, depending on the material used, or depending on the design, those wind chimes produces different sound one another. Heavily crafted wind chimes do not guarantee that it will sound better than a cheaply made one, but because it is personal preference. You will need to find one which can produce the sound you like. In order to get that sounds, nothing beats making it one by yourself, here are some of the basic types of wind chimes that you can easily make yourself.

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DIY Bamboo Wind Chimes

The first one is making a bamboo wind chimes, it is a perfect decoration for those aiming for a more natural atmosphere for their house. You will only need some piece of bamboo, some hardwood, fishing line, glue and saw. The quality, thickness and length of the bamboo affect the sound that it can produce. So there is a lot of customization available here; the shape of the hardwood will also affect the sound.

DIY Bamboo Wind Chimes Ideas DIY Bamboo Wind Chimes Images DIY Bamboo Wind Chimes Pictures


DIY Wind Chimes Copper Pipes

It looks similar to the bamboo one, but for those who likes something more steampunk-esque, using copper pipes as material is also a good idea. Of course, the materials you need are some copper pipes, a plank to held it, chain or fishing line, wire and screws. You can freely customize the shape and the length of the copper pipes, and it will produces different sounds, adding more than pipes will add various sounds.

DIY Wind Chimes Copper Pipe Images DIY Wind Chimes Copper Pipe Pictures DIY Wind Chimes Copper Pipe


DIY Seashell Wind Chimes

A good idea for a house located near the beach, using seashell as the main material for the wind chimes will add a unique touch to your house. Making a seashell wind chime is a lot easier than the other, but you first need to find a lot of seashells with a shape that you like, then use fishing line, use nail to put the holes on the shell and one or more pieces of planks to hold it in place.

DIY Seashell Wind Chimes Ideas DIY Seashell Wind Chimes Pictures DIY Seashell Wind Chimes


DIY Glass Bottle Wind Chimes

Glass wind chime is probably the most common type of wind chime, it looks beautiful and it sounds great, if you want to make one but you don’t have the ability to make it from scratch, you can use used glass bottles. Be careful when cutting the bottle; you can use a clamp to help you with it, put the chain and metal hooks inside, you’re done!!

DIY Glass Bottle Wind Chimes Ideas DIY Glass Bottle Wind Chimes Images DIY Glass Bottle Wind Chimes Pictures DIY Glass Bottle Wind Chimes


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