DIY: Pallet Wall Shelf Ideas

Pallet wall shelf ideas are vary. Pallet wall shelf is a shelf that put on the wall and it is mostly made by woods. This kind of shelf will be very useful if it is put on the wall.  This wall shelf does not require a big space at house or in other words you can place it anywhere you want to as long as it can be reached. You may place it in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or even garden. It depends on the purpose of the shelf.

How to Make Shelves Out of Pallet

There are many ways to have pallet wall shelf included making it by yourself or popular with the name pallet shelves DIY (Do It Yourself). So, how to make pallet shelves by yourself? First of all, you have to prepare the pallet that you want to use. Then, use a saw to cut it according to the model that you want. You may add another wood as the partition if it is needed. Then, you can paint the pallet with the color that you like. Next, place it on the wall by nailing it. After that, you may add some decorations by putting vase or other decorations. Last, put the thing that you want to keep there. You can repeat that steps to get the same shelves. It is easy, right?

You can make it based on your own creation. Pallet shelves are easy to make and it can minimize your spending for the shelf. Instead of buying it, you can use the pallet as the recycle thing as the base for your shelf.

As mentioned above, making wall shelf from pallet by yourself is not hard. Not only minimizing the budget of spending but also it can improve your creativity. In addition, creating something by yourself will satisfy yourself and it can increase your mood every-time you look at it. So, show your creativity and make the greatest pallet wall shelf ideas!


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