DIY Necklace Holder for Fun Ways Hanging Jewelries

Do not let collection of your necklaces get messy easily, instead try these DIY necklace holder ideas for fun ways hanging jewelries. You can organize them very neatly and beautifully as the outputs, you just need to pay some patience while making and unleash your creativity to make the best decorated one. Use the color of holder that fits well with the bedroom ambiance and main color. You will get more efficient space, less time searching the desired necklace before going out and convenience when looking them as a whole. The ideas are simple and match for your weekend project.

This time, we will discuss some ideas of necklace holder such as necklace holder frame, necklace holder knobs, necklace holder hanger, and necklace holder wood. Pick one or more ideas that accommodate your need as well as preference. Keep in mind that making all of them on your own is not difficult or consuming much time. All you need is patience, creativity, and a little of carpentry work. Check these brief descriptions carefully before actualizing it. It is recommended to reuse the unused materials or recycled materials to make our earth even greener. Green project? We bet you to dare to.

DIY Necklace Holder Designs DIY Necklace Holder Ideas DIY Necklace Holder Stand


DIY Necklace Holder Frame

Do not throw away your unused or rusty frames. Instead, re-polish it with good quality of wood polish and you will have the well decorated yet cool necklace holder frame. If you like the classic and vintage feeling, choose the frame with lots of complex ornaments. If you wish to turn the ambiance into minimalist one, use the simple frame like the one made from metal are really cool. You can repaint the frame to get the desired matching color. After preparing the frame, hammer the nails in properly organized spots.

DIY Necklace Holder Frame Designs DIY Necklace Holder Picture Frame DIY Necklace Holder Frame


DIY Necklace Holder with Knobs

Collect all of your knobs in one pocket because you may need it for the DIY project in the future. Yes, get your own necklace holder with knobs. The good thing from this idea is it will look very customized but still so pleasing to look at. Prepare the wood or a solid material to be a bar where the knobs will stick on. Apply the knobs with regular way as if it is arranged into a door. Hang your necklaces neatly from left to right afterward.

DIY Necklace Holder with Knobs Designs DIY Necklace Holder with Knobs Photos DIY Necklace Holder with Knobs


DIY Necklace Holder Hanger

The best thing of necklace holder hanger ideas is you can customize it the way you want and even use the weirdest one. For the inspirations, use hanger with antler shape made from woods to hang the necklaces in different height. You can even use the one made from a patterned wood board and some pins sticking out. Just make sure that the pins are strong enough to restrain the necklaces weight. Other then those, use the stick back hooks or driftwood as your hanger. Whatever it is, choose your most preferred one.


DIY Necklace Holder Hanger Designs DIY Necklace Holder Hanger Photos DIY Necklace Holder Hanger Ideas


DIY Necklace Holder Wood

If you find some unused woods, you can just re-polish it a bit, clean it carefully, and then make DIY necklace holder wood. Beside, you do not need to do many changes for the wood. Simply hammer some strong nails to the solid wood, hang the necklace then you are all done. To make it prettier, paint the unused wood or wrap it with patterned ribbons. You can even do the painting there to show the others your greatest skill.

DIY Necklace Holder Wood Designs DIY Necklace Holder Wood Photos DIY-Necklace-Holder-Wood-Ideas


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