DIY Earring Holder Ideas to Easily Organize Jewelries

Do not spend your time worrying about the messy earrings organization. Instead, follow these DIY earring holder ideas that are easy to make and require only simple materials plus tools. Most importantly, you will not have great expense actualizing these ideas. You can even do it in little spare time, so what are you waiting for? Take the tools out and sketch down some ideas.

Reuse the materials you are able to find such as woods, a piece of unused drawer (it can be hung on the wall), the door knobs, the unused plates and its standees, the frames, the big metal ring, and anything else you couldn’t even think of at first. Decorate your hanger nicely with ribbons, plastic, paint, some patches, buttons, and even patterned paper. As the result, you will have more efficient space and less time taking the desired earrings then putting it back to the right place. Keep in mind that the material used needs to be able to be cleaned quickly. These are the brief description of some inspirations, the details for making it can be found so many online so you can easily look it up. Let’s check some of the inspirations below.

DIY Earring Holder Frame DIY Earring Holder Ideas DIY Earring Holder


DIY Earring Holder Frame

The frame never dies to be turned as the jewelry holder. Beside, women can not be separated easily from a bunch of jewelries. Pick unused wood frame or the one made from metal and polish it thoroughly. You can modify the frame by painting it, wrapping it with some well patterned materials, stick some buttons or dry leaves, etc. After decorating the frame, simply hang it on the wall and hammer some nails inside neatly.

DIY Earring Holder Frame Design DIY Earring Holder Frame DIY Earring Holder Picture Frame


DIY Earring Holder Box

A box can be considered as the simplest yet easiest earring organization. Pick a box made from cardboard or wood, paint it with the color you prefer. As for now, teal is the hottest and most liked by the women. Put some stilted padding’s inside, divide your earrings collection into several lines. Put every pair of earrings in the proper line and you only need seconds looking for the suitable one when getting dressed next time.

DIY Earring Holder Box Ideas DIY Earring Holder Box Photos DIY Earring Holder Box


DIY earring Holder Burlap

Believe it or not, the burlap can be modified to one of best earring holders. You can draw your initial with black paint spray or any other color on the burlap to make it more personal. After that, frame the burlap with the one colored according to your favorite one. To make it look sweeter, do not forget to add artificial flowers on the corner. Just prick the burlap with the smallest side of your earring.

DIY Earring Holder Burlap Ideas DIY Earring Holder Burlap Photos DIY Earring Holder Burlap


DIY Earring Holder Cork Board

Wouldn’t it be cool if we tell you that you can hang the earrings on a piece of cork board? The sold cork board may look very ordinary, so your job is to decorate and make it more beautiful. Give the cork board a frame made from ornamented woods, colored piece of sheet, or you can just stick the patterned paper on the edges. Whatever you choose, pick one that has color or patterns that suit your whole bedroom or dressing room appearance.

DIY Earring Holder Cork Board Design DIY Earring Holder Cork Board Ideas DIY Earring Holder Cork Board Photos


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