Decorating Bedroom with Gothic Bedroom Furniture

Gothic bedroom furniture can be one of the most important things in your bedroom if you decide to have Gothic theme. Gothic is often associated with dark color, especially black, and the impression of gloomy and mysterious. In a room with Gothic theme, it is quite common to find mysterious work of arts, unique candles, or strange ornaments as decorative elements. If you want to make your room looks absolutely Gothic, you will need to paint the wall with dark colored paint or wallpapers such as navy blue, maroon, and black, of course.

As for the furniture, the Gothic theme is usually quite unique in the term of furniture usage. Grand bed with huge headboard is usually found in the Gothic room. Bookshelves are also common in Gothic room to keep the classic but mysterious impression of a Gothic room. There will be nightstands as well in the room and on it usually you will find candle holder, rose ornaments, and so on. Below, you will find more information about Gothic bedroom especially seen from the furniture in it. You can use the information below to decorate your Gothic bedroom so that the room will look cohesive and eventually comfortable.

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1. What Should be in Gothic Bedroom Furniture Sets

As mentioned earlier, usually Gothic bedroom is going to be filled by a grand bed, a bookshelf, and a nightstand. They are all going to fill your Gothic room just perfectly. However, if you are a girl, you are going to need vanity table as well in the Gothic bedroom furniture sets. The vanity table can be designed with Gothic touch as well especially around the mirror and around the drawers. It will be completely cohesive with the rest of the furniture.

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2. Colors Matched with Black Gothic Bedroom Furniture

Gothic is heavily related to black color indeed. That is why in your Gothic bedroom, a lot of black Gothic bedroom furniture must be in it. However, it will be quite boring if you just have black color for the room. You need other colors too to make the room look enchanting. To accompany the black color of the furniture, try to have ivory or cream colors in the room. They are quite bright and go so well with black.

Black Gothic Bedroom Furniture Black Gothic Bedroom Furniture Pictures Black Gothic Bedroom Furniture Ideas


3. Giving Gothic Bedroom Decor

In the first paragraph, you have read that the Gothic bedroom decor elements are usually including mysterious work of arts, unique candles, and strange ornaments. Those ornaments can be like masks (Venetian masks), small statues, and so on. You can also hang pictures or painting on the walls as well. Draw spider webs or silver stars on the wall and your bedroom will look really Gothic. You can also play with the light fixtures as well like hanging a chandelier. It can be a light source and a decorative element.

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4. What about the Gothic Bed Frame?

Gothic bed frame is always huge and grand, especially in the head board area. There must be a sort of carving on it and it enhances the mysterious look of the bed. The bed frame can be in the color of black to blend with the overall theme of the room. However, you can also make the bed frame as the centerpiece of the room by painting it with ivory or cream color. They will be the focal point of the room as well.

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