Black White Bathroom Tiles

Black White Bathroom Tiles

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Does anyone ever thought about black and white bathroom decor? Obviously there are some people who thought about it before for whatever reasons. Maybe it’s because of the cool impression or because of the love towards the monochromatic interior.  The combination of black and white color appeals so many people. What will become of the bathroom? There are various possibilities. The bathroom can be mainly in dark black color with white color as the accent or even the otherwise. Sometimes, there will be shimmers of gray found meddling in between. These two colors are more than enough to lead more inspirations and ideas. There have been a lot of designs of bathroom decor in black and white. More of them are coming. For the really good look of monochromatic bathroom interior, paying attention to planning will certainly be needed. Think about the walls, the bathtubs or showers, the sinks or even a vanity. Think about creating balance that will make the bathroom looks even better than initially thought. Randomly putting things together won’t be good. Thus planning will be an important step. When more ideas and inspirations are needed, there will always be good references available for free.  

Black and White Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are available in a variety of colors and patterns including the black and white colors. Considering these options will be good and won’t be a bad thing at all but checking the overall plan will be important. It’s important to make sure that the curtains will fit the bathroom interior and not ruining the harmony within it. Try to choose the one suitable. If bathroom interior is already ‘crowded’ with details, choose the simpler ones (or even the solid colored curtains.  

Black and White Bathroom Wall Decor

Some people may be thinking about leaving the walls without details. Wall decor is necessary to break the monotonous look. This will make the bathroom looks better and refine. The decor on wall can be many things. It could be a carving of stone, mural or even the bathroom tiles. Others can also be used to beautify the bathroom interior. For example, a wall shelf can be used to put a few decorations aside of bath amenities.  

Black and White Bathroom Tiles

There is no way to skip thinking about the bathroom tiles. In the monochromatic bathroom interior, black and white tiles will be searched. The tiles can be a set of solid black and a set of solid white or tiles those colors are half-black and half-white or even patterned tiles. Try to make color gradation (with or without gray tiles in the middle) in particular pattern (wavy or even abstract) to make the interior more interesting.  

Black and White Bathroom Rugs

What about rugs? Rugs must be present in the bathroom for the obvious reason. While the function remains the same, the look of the rugs will affect the overall interior. Once again, paying attention to planning becomes important thing to be done. Choose the rugs with patterns or motifs that will complement the interior. Take a look at the flooring plan for the better rugs since the rugs will remain covering small portion of bathroom floor.

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