Cinder Block Bench for Your Home Outdoor’s Beauty

Cinder block is indeed multi-functional because you can use them to create anything for your outdoor décor, and it is not only about fire pit but cinder block bench is also good to build. Indeed, cinder blocks are known as the perfect materials that can be used for pavers in walkways or seating barbecue pits. Fortunately, cinder blocks have no limitation when it comes to its use because there are many possible projects that can be considered being made to be placed outdoor. If you have no bench right now, cinder blocks are the materials that you can rely on to create one.

The idea of using a bench that is made of cinder blocks is really budget-friendly because you do not have to spend much money just to build a concrete block bench. After you have this done, you may even use scrap fabric covers to cover the bench so that you can sit on that space. If you want, you can also creatively add some pillows just like the sofa or couch you have inside your home to make it more inviting. However, it won’t be easy to maintain them, especially when it is raining. Make sure that the seating area is low maintenance for your easier life.

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Cinder Block Bench with Back

To make bench from cinder blocks with the additional back for the more comfort, you can try to prepare more cinder blocks that can be attached as the back. If you want to make a more creative bench, you can try using some pieces of long wood with 4x4x8 around four or five pieces to be attached each other and set as the back of your bench. This combination won’t be bad to consider.

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Cinder Block and Wood Bench

Actually, you can try doing the combination just like the idea brought previously in which the wood pieces are used to make the back of the bench, but you can try another way to make cinder block-and-wood combination. Just place six blocks on each side which means there are twelve blocks in total with two stacked their top horizontally and four standing straight vertically. The blocks can be adhered before the wood can be inserted into the blocks’ holes.

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Cinder Block Garden Bench

Concrete cinder blocks can also be used to make a garden bench by thinking about the use of cinder blocks added with 2x2s so that there can be more seats that you can add to your garden. The benches can also be used for a backyard BBQ if you want it so It will look better when there is a table that is made of cinder blocks as well to complete the benches you have made.

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Cinder Block Fire Pit Bench

After the bench legs are built, feeding the wood’s planks is the next thing you can do through every cinder blocks top hole. After the wood is placed based on your need, it is the time to get the liquid nails applied so it can be secured to the blocks. Optionally, you may try to give some color to your cinder blocks and add cushions too increase the comfort. Use adhesive to secure the molding if you have.

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