Best U Shaped Kitchen Designs Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss

There is nothing such as running out for U shaped kitchen designs ideas. There is always something new that you could add when building the new one or renewing the old kitchen. The U shape fits well for big kitchen with complete kitchen set. You will explore and utilize everything in the cooking area. The final result should be a comfortable, spacious and mesmerizing kitchen, suitable for cooking and having conversation. Your guests can walk freely and watch cooking process without cutting the working space of the cook. Even when it looks intimidating, planning u shaped kitchen design is actually fun and addictive!

People will see your kitchen design as your answer to the question:”what is a kitchen?” Some might want it solely as the area for preparing and cooking dishes. But some modern opinion doubles up the function as the gathering place, allowing the guests to re-stock their plates right away. If you also have similar thought, then you need to make u shaped kitchen with island.

The first impression of u shape design is the spacious room it requires. You need to know that this is not always the case. There is also an option to create small u shaped kitchen. Of course, there will be some major adjustment.

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Simple and Catching Definition of U Shaped Kitchen

For those who don’t know what is u kitchen, pay close attention to the following explanation. It is the most practical and effective way to provide maximum mobility for the cook.

U shaped kitchens have three walls for attaching the cabinets and kitchen sets. You will maximize the walls as the storage. The house owner will have direct access to various tools without moving to another room. That is why, u shaped kitchen designs always include drawers in the list.

U Shaped Kitchen with Island for Comfortable Cook

When you start to draw u shaped kitchen layout, try to imagine yourself as the cook. Understand well that the delicacies should not be hastily brought to the dining room. The kitchen island serves as the place in the middle of the space to do the plating. In a housewarming party, the kitchen island could be the banquet serving.

Glossy U Shaped Kitchen Countertops

Since this type of kitchen will have windows in one of its side, the countertops should be able to reflect the light. For this purpose, the most suitable item is granite. If you want to add classic touch, double the wooden surface with acrylic cover. Both capture the best shadow of the kitchen decoration.

Multipurpose Small U Shaped Kitchen with Breakfast Bar

Putting the dining table close to the kitchen is convenient, at least for breakfast. Start your morning with less rush with the breakfast bar. Place a table across to the stove, so you just need to turn your body and serve the breakfast to the plate.

Fancy U Shaped Kitchen with Corner Pantry

The most difficult part to decorate is the corner. Make it prettier by utilizing it as your secret storage. You will need corner cabinet which height suits your highest reaching point. This pantry corner will be the second refrigerator to keep spices and sauces. Some house designer defines corner pantry as “awkward idea” or “pushed limit”. Many have tried this idea, and the pantry worked pretty well. It will just need to fit in either stove or refrigerator side.

Spacious Small U Shaped Kitchen Designs

It is just the matter of space and lighting. For limited area, you need to put the stove and sink in one side. The refrigerator could be installed in the middle. Also, you could put a long table close to the wall to complete the “U” formation. Splash bright tone to make the room looks bigger.

Cozy and Large U Shaped Kitchen Designs

Big space deserves huge admiration. You can store more items and place more cooking tools. In the right side, you can utilize it as the glasses and plates’ storage. In the middle area, put this from right to left: refrigerator, stove and sink. The left wing would accommodate the oven and microwave. The left side lower cabinet could store the baking tools, and the upper part will keep the display plate. Put kitchen island or breakfast bar to fill the remaining space for even better look.

Adopt those u shaped kitchen designs ideas for fresher look while it remains functional too. Break your limit and enjoy the change.


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