DIY Outdoor End Table Ideas

DIY Outdoor End Table Ideas

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Buying brand new end tables is so yesterday. This is the age of making your own DIY end table. It is clearly cheaper, you can use anything you find in your garage, and last but not least, you can make something that reflects your personality. You don’t have to worry about not finding something suitable for your taste, because when it comes to DIY, you are the master of your world. To make DIY end table, all you need is some tools, unused stuff or furniture and a spark of creativity. Decide where you want to put it and make sure your table will be in sync with the furniture around it as a decoration. Or you can make something functional, like end table slash a dog bed, or a useful storage hidden in a stylish table. Go to the thrift store for your material, or simply find something among your scraps. Old basket, pipes and even ropes can be used as materials. Everything will be in better shape when you upcycle them. To help your quest of finding the best design for your table, here are some ideas that will blow your mind.

1. DIY End Table Dog Bed

Dog lovers, this is the ultimate end table for you. Change your end table into a snuggling place for your furry friends and make them become the happiest dogs in the world. To make this, you need end table with big storage. Remove the doors and cover the insides with soft fabric covered batting. Place the dog bed inside and voila! An old table is transformed into comfortable sleeping area for your lovely best friend.

2. DIY Round End Table

Round end table is chic and gives dynamic feels and sense of space to our room. To make round shape DIY end table, you can use cardboards, bar stools or painted logs. But the easiest is to make it from wire laundry basket. You only need a wire round basket, round table top and some iron fasteners. Turn the basket upside down and fasten the table top to the basket, and done. Simple steps, yet beautiful results.

3. DIY Outdoor End Table

Log is the best material to place outside. The natural look of logs combines perfectly with outdoor nuances. To make a natural looking wooden table, the steps are easy. You need to prepare 5 inches of round woods for the table top, metal stool and fasteners. Attach the wood and stool with the iron fasteners and the table is set. Apply some lacquer spray to protect the barks.

4. DIY Pipe End Table

Industrial looks are so in nowadays. To make DIY end tables with this style, the main materials are plumber’s pipes and wooden table top. Don’t choose galvanized pipe. It is more rust proof, but could be dangerous for pets. You need a little bit of skill with pipes to assemble this table. Paint the pipes to match it with the other furniture in your room. With pipes, you also can easily make layers of table tops to increase storage functions.

5. DIY End Table with Drawer

Drawers are very functional. It is good for storage, and the knob and design can be an art of its own. Unfortunately it takes a high carpentry skill to make a DIY end table with drawer. But don’t let that stops you. You can find many easy instructions to assemble a drawer. Your most important job is to design your table carefully according to your taste.

6. DIY Rustic End Table

To make a rustic end table, you don’t need to buy anything. Simply distress your old end table to create a rustic touch using vinegar solution. Distressed furniture is one major style in rustic design, so it will definitely work. Spray your end table with the vinegar solution, and then rub it with rag or cloth. You can paint it white or light blue before distress it to add more vintage feels in your furniture.

7. DIY End Tables with Storage

There are many ideas out there to make DIY end tables with storage. But if you are a fan of open storage, wine crate table will be perfect for you. To make it, you only need 4 wine crates then paint them with same colors. Nail them together into a good square shape with hollow square shape in the middle. You will have four open sides in every side for additional storages. Beautifully functional.  

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